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Meetings: 2nd Thursday even numbered months


2021: 11 Feb, 8 Apr, 10 Jun, 12 Aug, 14 Oct, 9 Dec

We've gone Zoom.

Members will be emailed details on how to join our Zoomed programs.


8 April: Steve Kornacki of MSNBC

We asked and he said yes! “He” being Steve Kornacki, National Political Correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC. Steve will be Zooming in from New York for our next meeting, 8 April at 11 a.m.

Steve is familiar to many viewers as the analyst standing in front of those red state/blue state maps during election season. He’s also an author who has written a book and scores of articles for the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and many more publications. If those accomplishments aren’t enough, he was also named one of People magazine’s “sexiest men alive.”

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last edited 17 March 2021