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Meetings: 2nd Thursday even numbered months


2018: 8 Feb, 12 Apr, 14 Jun, 9 Aug, 11 Oct, 13 Dec

11:30 AM at The Club Pheasant in West Sacramento


9 August: Meet the Livestream Expert


Kerry ShearerKerry Shearer

Livestreaming and smartphone video are among the most important tools we have in the communications business these days, and they’re also two of the least understood. Well, we aim to fix that at our next luncheon on Thursday, August 9.The fixing will be done by Kerry Shearer, who bills himself as The Livestream Expert.

Kerry’s most recent case in point is last year’s wildfires in the Santa Rosa area, where Kerry’s expertise helped firefighters save property and lives. Thus the title of the August 9 program—Behind the Scenes at the Santa Rosa Fires: How Livestreaming and Smartphone Video Created High-Impact Crisis Communications


During those terrible days, Kerry was stationed at the City of Santa Rosa emergency operations center and used live and recorded video on Facebook to communicate during the crisis.

Kerry has a wide-ranging background as a radio and TV broadcaster, public information officer, emergency communicator, web video producer, social media specialist and conference speaker.

He provides communications and social media training to public agencies, associations and businesses, and also teaches crisis communicators how to use social media effectively in disasters.

last edited 3 August 2018
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