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11:30 AM at The Club Pheasant in West Sacramento

12 April  ALHAMBRA:
Sacramento’s Palace of Fantasy

Alhambra Theatre


It’s the story of one of the West Coast’s earliest and greatest movie palaces, a story of triumph and tragedy that ended when the theater was demolished in 1973 to make way for a supermarket and left a permanent scar in Sacramento’s memory.

This will be the film’s first showing since its premiere in February at the Tower Theatre. Movie palace afficianado Matias Bombal and co-producer/editor Chad E. Williams worked over a year and a half in researching and finding materials not seen since new that are featured in the documentary.









Early 1970s KCRA and KOVR 16mm news film was digitally scanned, and mag full coat audio newly re-recorded for the highest fidelity in order to help tell the story of the theater. Rare films in two early color processes, one going back to 1928, were found and restored for the production.

Joining us for the luncheon will be the film’s executive producer, Wendell P. Jacob of Davis, and theater organist and technician Dave Moreno, who is heard playing the original Alhambra Theatre pipe organ on the soundtrack of the documentary.

This team originally envisioned this movie for KVIE/6; KVIE, eager for its content, wants to show it on television, but needs to cut its 66 minutes to 56:45. “The team is prepared to do this,” says Matias.

“The producers will measure your reactions and comments at the luncheon screening to see what they will do next with the movie. Should they find a budget to extend the running time (no shortage of materials and interviews not used) to feature length for film festivals and theatrical screenings? Is it good the way it is or shorter? We know you’ll tell us!

“One thing is for sure: for 66 minutes at our April 12 luncheon, the Alhambra will come back to life.”

Several of us saw this film at its Tower premiere in February, and we’re sure you’re going to love it … We GUARANTEE it!

copy by Jim Drennan

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last edited 4 April 2018