Valley Broadcast Legends
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Honoring the Past, Sharing the Present, Embracing the Future in Media.

Don't take our name too seriously.

"Legends" is more of a joke than an ego stroke. We began as a sibling to San Francisco Bay Area Broadcast Legends, if a bit more self-deprecating.

Don't touch that dial!

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Tevevision Test Pattern

Valley Broadcast Legends is a social club
for people with careers in radio and/or television broadcasting. Members come from all aspects of the industry, on or off mic. If you worked for a broadcaster, you may qualify. Receptionists, gaphers, artists, janitors, IT, clerical/technical, promotions, traffic, talent, production, grounds,... if you were there when it went on air, read on!

Most of our members live in California's San Joaquin or Sacramento Valleys or nearby foothills. But you may also join if you worked for a broadcaster and moved here after having a career elsewhere, or moved elsewhere after having worked here, as long as you have 10 years or more in the industry. (see proviso)

last edited 20 January 2016