Valley Broadcast Legends
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Cal Bollwinkel
(Copy by Cal Bollwinkel)

After 51 years in broadcasting I called it quits at the end of 1999.

It all started in 1948 at a small radio station in Upstate New York. Then on to Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania and finally California in 1967.

It was in Philadelphia that I moved from radio to television and then on to KPIX Channel 5 in San Francisco as Assistant Program Manager. In 1969 I came to Sacramento as Program Manager at Channel 10,KXTV and then to Channel 40,KTXL in 1978 as Program Manager. I also became the Editorial Director and on-air Editorial Voice at Fox 40.

My wife Julia and I have been married for 60 years and are the proud parents of four, two sons and two daughters and grandparents of five.

I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Jersey and graduated from Michigan State University after serving with an Infantry regiment in the South Pacific for two and a half years during WWII.

I can remember my very first day in Broadcasting as if it was yesterday. I walked in to the radio station in Hudson, New York, said "hello" and started talking into a microphone. Seems I've never stopped until New Years Day 2000.

Cal Bollwinkel

A Couple Anecdotes:
It happened at my second radio job WHFB, Benton Harbor ,Michigan. Benton Harbor and St.Joseph, Michgan are the states Twin Citys. Its Christmas time and the local Chevrolet dealer was selling: Get your 1950 brand new and stylish Chevrolet Belair for Christmas at the number one Chevy dealer in Southwestern Michigan- TWIN SHITTY CHEVROLET.

Then at station number three, WOWO, Fort Wayne, Indiana its Christmas 1954 and one I'll not forget: Ladies for that man in your life be sure to checkout MANOR MENS WEARHOUSE for their great sale on Mens Briefs, slightly soiled and half off.

last edited 16 Apr 2011