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Jim Drennan
(Copy by Jim Drennan)

Jim Drennan

Jim Drennan retired in 1994 after a 33-year career in journalism. Born in Bakersfield and receiving his journalism degree at San Jose State, Jim spent the first years of his career in the newspaper business, first in Madera and then in Reno. In 1967, he moved into broadcasting thanks to an offer of a $35 a week pay increase he just couldn’t refuse.

For two years, he served as news director at KOLO-TV in Reno. In 1969, he moved to Sacramento to become assignment editor at KXTV, then the CBS affiliate in Sacramento. He moved up to the news directorship for most of the next nine years, finally moving over to KCRA in 1979, where he worked the assignment desk until his retirement at the end of 1993. Since then, he has spent much of his time on volunteer general assignment for the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of his late mother Pearl.


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last edited 12 September 2022