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Cal Bollwinkel
Mac Cervantes 

Macario "Mac" Cervantes

1927 - 2016

(Copy by Jim Drennan)

A man who was a true legend to his friends and family passed away on September 24. Macario “Mac” Cervantes died just days before his 89th birthday.

For nearly four decades, Mac was the custodian at KCRA-3. But he was a lot more than that. He was a husband, a father, a caring friend to the employees at 3 and a special friend to KCRA co-owner Bob Kelly and his wife Maria Nicholas Kelly. Mac was caretaker at the Kellys’ home on H Street in Sacramento, and remained Maria’s friend after her husband Bob’s death. Maria was one of the speakers at Mac’s memorial service.

Recalls fellow KCRA alumnus Jay Rudin: “We all remember the Mac smile and how sweet he was to all of us. I also remember the pride he took in caring for the KCRA building from the day I walked into the building 36 years ago.” Adds KCRA alumna Sue Peppers: “He was the hardest working man I knew … willing to clean up our messes without complaint. He was a humble man, a devoted husband and father, and a great dancer.” (Mac would always dance with Sue at KCRA parties when hubby Cliff demurred.)



last edited 20 May 2020