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Mel Boyd  

(Copy by Mel Boyd)

‘Unique experiences’ often define our members.

VBL Board member, Mel Boyd, no doubt holds a distinction as a traveler literally to the ends of the earth, Antarctica and Australia with Terry Richards, The Bahamas with Pam Moore, and Samoa with Bob Murphy ---and getting paid for

After serving his time in the Air Force, including a year in Viet Nam, he took advantage of the GI Bill and went back to get his education. Armed with creative intent he signed on to KCRA, TV3 in 1970 starting as the delivery driver while still attending college. He went on to serve as a floor director, worked as a commercial grip with Bob Worthylake, was taught fast film editing skills in the commercial film department with the late Paul Boyte, and wrote commercials as an intern. He finished school with a BA Communications
degree (broadcast/film and minor in Journalism) from Sacramento State University, Sacramento and that landed

Rick Reed 1980s

him a promotion into the newsroom as the noon show editor. Shortly after he was given a sound camera and worked as
a news photographer and editor for 5 years. (but that's another story) Mel covered uncounted major events at KCRA, notably the Roseville train yard munitions explosions, interviews with Governor Ronald Reagan and as Pool Photographer for all three major networks for the trial of Lynnette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme for her attempted assassination of President Ford in 1975. And, no doubt most enjoyably, shooting many celebrity interviews with Harry Martin.

When KCRA expanded with the Kelley Entertainment Division and started the weekly “Weeknight” feature show Mel jumped at the chance to do features which lasted for 8 years until it was replaced by “Entertainment Tonight”. Electing not to go back to news he became an entrepreneur in 1983 with his own production company, VideCam Productions (later On Line Productions), which expanded rapidly to 6 full-time employees. The firm served five Ad agencies and had numerous state contracts. After 7 years the company had to fold due to
economic times.

Determined to stay close to production he served as Director of Marketing and Video Production Manager, for of all places, Beutler Heating and Air Corporation keeping it the highest rated no. 1 HVAC company in northern California for over a decade.

His work there was distinguished by the creation and production of “Walk Through Video” a home owner maintenance educational video that was customized for each homebuilder for many local and national clients. In 2003 with a new opportunity, Mel returned to TV news as photographer/editor and ‘Live Truck’ operator for KMAX, TV 31 and KOVR, TV 13. After 5 years of crunch time with breaking news he decided to slow down the pace and start building production relationships with those making feature films.

He is now involved in a comedy show to be broadcast on the internet and writing his first movie script and of course freelancing with friends and worthy causes. As a member of the Viet Nam Veterans of America Chapter 500 he has created a video now on YOUTUBE that is currently being in used in Washington to obtain funds for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which he himself has
been treated for.

His breadth of creative and technical experience made him an especially valued new member of the VBL Board in 2013.

last edited 11 Feb 2014