Valley Broadcast Legends
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Michael Hamiel Photo Memories  

Left to right:
Airman Adrian Cronauer (Robin Williams would later portray him in the movie "Good Morning Vietnam"),

Eli Wallach being interviewed in the AFRTS* studio on Crete, Greece in 1964 by Mike Hamiel (right).

Wallach was on Crete filming "The Moon Spinners" with Haley Mills, we also had an opportunity to interview Anthony Quinn while filming "Zorba" nearby.

*AFRTS: Armed Forces Radio & TV Service


The staff of AFRTS around 1965:

Mike Hamiel (3rd from left, front row),

Adrian Cronauer, w/glasses standing camera left of the civilian (our Turkish engineer, an avowed Communist).

note camera
on tripod



last edited 23 March 2011