Valley Broadcast Legends
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Rick Stewart  

(Copy by Rick Reed)

This photo was taken in the 1970's during one of the many fundraisers Racing Rick Stewart was central to making happen for charity causes in the Sacramento area. I believe this was a pledge race at the old Gran Prix cart track just off Bradshaw at Hiway 50 raising research money for Easter Seals. At the time, Rick Stewart was a mid day disc jockey at KRAK 1140 AM and Reed a traffic reporter making his transition to becoming a newsman after breaking in with KEWT FM 105 as a recorded announcer, board operator and Public Service Director.

Rick Stewart was one of the most noble and generous souls working at the microphone who later ended his broadcast work with KFBK AM 1530 keeping listeners on top of the latest news. Rick Reed also worked with Stewart again at KFBK briefly, as their careers overlapped during the late 80s.

R to L: Rick Stewart, Rick Reed

Rick Steward & Rick Reed 1970s
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