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Walt Shaw Photo Memories Walt's full resumé

(Copy by Walt Shaw)

These pictures date back to 1982 when I received Billboard Magazine's Program Director of the Year award, Joey Mitchel was also the DJ of the year and both of us were in Nashville to receive our awards which included a $1,000 check for each of us from the station.

The pictures are with Roy Acuff (immediate right), Little Jimmy Dickens (far right), and Dick Clark (bottom right).

The Dolly Parton picturse were later at Harolds Club in Reno and I don't remember the date but Rick Stewart and I were with Dolly for a KRAK promotion with Jack Kelly; I think that was his name, and Jim Conley with the girls. Jim was GM at the time.

Walt's full resumé

Roy Acuff
Little Jimmy Dickens
Roy Acuff

Clockwise: Roy Acuff, Little Jimmy Dickens, Dick Clark, Dolly Parton

Roy Acuff




Dick Clark
last edited 5 May 2013